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detail of Oxford House Chapel
Heritage architecture photography | altar panel in Oxford House chapel
architectural photo - Oxford House chapel London
Oxford House chapel | London architecture photographer Simone Morciano
architecture detail Oxford House in Bethnal Green London
Heritage site | London architecture photographer | Oxford House chapel
architectural detail of Oxford House chapel in London
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London architectural photography - Oxford House London
architecture detail of chapel in London

July 9, 2019

London architecture photographer

Sands & Randall

Last week I had the opportunity to take some photographs for Sands & Randall of an hidden gem they just restored: the Oxford House chapel in Bethnal Green.

The chapel is a Jacobean revival designed by Sir Arthur William Blomfield who was also the architect of the Royal College of Music, London (1894) and the rebuilding of the nave of Southwark Cathedral, Eaton Square.

The work of Sands & Randall consisted of the conservation of the interior including the roof screen, paneled walls, vaulted ceiling and the 1914 crucifix painting by Alfred Soords.